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Watch how one company and PT&T client, Dermalog, harnessed the transformative power of technology to help in one of their key projects in the Philippines.

LTO Portal Project with Dermalog TILL DUNKEL, Project Director, DERMALOG

LTO Portal Project with Dermalog

“We experienced an outstanding, reliable and flexible team and I believe these really helped make our project a success.” – Till Dunkel, Project Director for the LTO Infrastructure Project

In the past, applying for a driver’s license in the Philippines meant lining up for hours and waiting months to receive your new card. On top of this, the previous technology left gaps in efficiency and identity fraud – resulting in unnecessary costs for Filipinos.

Dermalog, Germany’s largest biometric company, developed an online driven system for the Land Transportation Office to help improve security, efficiency, and customer costs.
They reached out to PT&T knowing that they needed a service provider that could offer both technical expertise and nationwide service.

Today, with the new system in place, Filipinos applying for their driver’s licenses can get their cards within 10 minutes. But that’s not the only major result LTO and Filipinos would score.

In this video, join the project’s director, Mr. Till Dunkel, to learn more about the project and how PT&T and Dermalog joined forces to change the way Filipinos apply for and renew their licenses forever.

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